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Use the tools below to learn more about Columbia's residence halls. See where each building is located using our interactive map. Find out more about the features and amenities of each building by exploring the residence hall directory.

Helpful Tips

Use these helpful tips to get the most out of your Room Selection research.

Blue circle with the number 1, representing one of the building markers on the residence hall map.
Click on Map Markers

The residence halls are grouped by area of campus and noted on the map with numbered markers of a corresponding color. Click on the markers to see a photo and description of the residence hall.

Google icon used to represent opening the map legend.
Use the Map Legend

The map legend shows all residence halls in groupings by campus area, making it easy to find housing options that meet your needs.

Image of one of the filters used in the residence hall directory.
Use the Directory Filters

Use the drop down menus at the top of the residence hall directory to narrow down your search by typical residents, campus area and living style.

Residence Hall Map

See where a residence hall is located and what's nearby. The map legend will help you find each location.

Click the map to begin.

Residence Hall Directory

Filter the residence halls to narrow your search by area of campus, typical residents and living style. Then, click on a building for photos and to learn about its features and amenities.