Rising Sophomores

Selection Options for Sophomores 

The Room Selection lottery is based on seniority. Low seniority is a determining factor in the housing options available to sophomores and therefore singles are limited for sophomores. During Room Selection, groups of rising sophomores with a point value of 10 are strongly encouraged to form even-numbered groups. Forming even-numbered groups will help students to break into pairs and select from available corridor doubles during their appointment times so they can avoid blind doubles. A blind double is when a student is assigned a roommate by Housing.  

Ex: a 2-person group can pick into 2 singles if available. If none are available, the 2-person group will be placed into a double with a friend instead of picking into a blind double.

Sophomore Waitlist  

Inventory in the residence halls fluctuates depending on registrations and cancellations over the course of the summer. This means that some rising sophomores with high lottery numbers may not be able to immediately choose a room during Room Selection. In the event that all available space is chosen before a student’s appointment time, they need to register for the Sophomore Waitlist through the Housing Portal.  

To maintain guaranteed housing status, the Sophomore Waitlist application must be completed no later than the final day of Room Selection. See the Housing Calendar for dates. Students on the Sophomore Waitlist have guaranteed Housing and are assigned over the summer as space becomes available, typically in mid-July. Students who do not complete the Sophomore Waitlist application will lose guaranteed housing and will have to reapply to be considered for assignment. 

Students should not skip their appointment or purposefully not select a room during Room Selection in hopes of being placed on the Sophomore Waitlist.